From event livestreaming, automated video curation, streamlined event check-in, and all the way to finish line verification - ActiveTrack has you covered.


Your Event In Real Time -

Reach your audience in real time, whether you're live-streaming a marathon, trail run, paddle board race, or any competition - Livestreaming gives you a way to connect with your fans, customers, and community. Engage followers, customers, and fans around the world, where ever they watch. Share everywhere.

Our mobile, lightweight, Livestream solution will bring the sights and sounds of the racecourse directly to your screen. With both Drones and Ground cameras, we bring the event experience to your screen. Watch the participants live from various locations along the course from the best seat in the race.

Can't get to the start line? Finish line too crowded? Can't travel, but want to watch a family member? Check out the course to see if you want to sign up? The reasons to watch are limitless. Livestreaming brings the start, finish, and various other checkpoints along the course to your screen.

Personalized & Unique Curated Content

Receive an edited mp4 delivered directly to you! Media captured through our Livestream system is analyzed to create a custom, curated video containing your most interesting moments of the race!

Use your personalized video to share with friends, family, clients, or anyone you choose! Use your customized content with social media to gain followers, friends, and fans! Our systems ensure nobody but you can order video containing your likeness.

Video Package


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A process Streamlined.

Use the same technology to speed up your expo check-in experience. When FR is activated on a large scale, you will be able to eliminate lines, delays, and manual accounting of participants. The identification and manual bib assignment of the atheletes can be sped up to a zero delay check-in. This is what happens when your face is used as an ID! Reduce reliance on volunteers, ID checks, and printed sheets.

Race organizers & directors: use the Check-In menu option to automate your event check-in at a level never seen before. Use our blazing-fast, efficient process - faster than having a volunteer grab a shirt! This feature is dependent on a selfie provided by the participant - which can be easily provided through the ActiveTrack phone app!

Onsite Dispute Resolution

Finally, if ActiveTrack is present at the start and finish lines - use our fast search to verify a participant's start or finish line crossing time. Use this feature to get irrefutable evidence needed to resolve issues with participants who want verification for their times.

Maintain a history of the event by recording the starting line, the finishing line, and a few points in between. Use our technology to do conflict resolution with runners who have questions about their finishing times. Upload the runner's selfie to get an image of the runner crossing the start and finish lines. Have on demand irrefutable evidence to satisfy participant concerns about their finishing times.


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We've got you covered from start to finish!